Fletcher’s Skoda Felicia 1.8T Conversion Project

Engine: Originally a 1.3 Skoda Felicia pickup, now in the process of a 1.8T conversion.
Agu 1.8T with 5 speed box, emerald standalone ecu, tubular top mount manifold with 44 mm external waste gate v band, external waste gate, 3071 turbo, 550cc injectors, stage 2 clutch and flywheel, prism forged rods, super tec exhaust valves, new bearings and gaskets all round, uprated fuel rail, swirl pot and external fuel pump, oil catch can and fmic AEM air/fuel gauge and sensor.

Brakes: Originally drums on back but have now been converted to Lupo/ Polo GTI rear stub axles (232mm drilled and grooved), braided brake line upgrade and load compensator delete as manual bias valve has been fit in its place. The front setup is a combination of the following (only option that seemed to have the best fitting): Mk3 Mondeo ST calipers and carriers with 300mm grand scenic drilled and grooved discs. It’s has all new brake lines throughout the truck along with braided flexi’s.

Suspension: (Rears) mk4 golf shocks and springs (Fronts) mk1 focus coilovers with new Felicia top mounts.

Exterior: When first got truck it was roller-painted in purple. I spent many hours welding and filling but finally had a full respray in late 2016 early 2017.
It has been fully shutlzed underneath and sealed in May 2019.

Wheels: They’re gold!

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