Gary’s Audi TT

Before and after pics upgrades done

  1. Wheels changed from 17 to 18. With 20mm wheel spacers.
  2. Honeycomb front grill changed.
  3. Front lip spoiler
  4. Rear windows tinted.
  5. Rear lights tinted.
  6. Rear TTRS fixed spoiler.
  7. Rear S line mesh grill fitted with S line Bumper.
  8. Cat back sports exhaust.
  9. Chipped to 269 bhp.
  10. Up rated coil pack.
  11. Ram induction kit.
  12. Air in take heat shield.
  13. PVC delete.
  14. Blow off valve.
  15. Front window sun strip.
  16. Petrol cap painted black.
  17. Side mirrors upgrade to blue tints.
  18. Rear high level flashing unit.
  19. Gloss black badges and ⭕️ circles.
  20. Upgrade plugs.
  21. Android stereo.
    Still to do,
    Cat delete
    Upgrade brakes
    Coil overs and springs

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